Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why is A Catholic Priest with a Criminal Background Involved in the Nathalie Gettliffe-Scott Grant Case?

Do you know this man? His name is Father or Dr. Lucien Larre...

We have the following questions:

Why is this man still a priest after he was charged and convicted of assaulting at least one minor in Saskatchewan in 1992?

Why is this man still allowed to practise as a psychologist who works with special needs children after he was charged with 9 offences in 1992, including one for sexual assault?

How is it that he is not allowed to practise in Saskatchewan as a psychologist, yet the College of Psychologists of British Columbia allows him to practise there?

Why has he insinuated himself into the life of Scott Grant and the children he shares with Nathalie Gettliffe?

Why did this man get on a plane and fly to France with Scott Grant in July 2006?

Why did he tell the children that if they got onto the plane and flew to Canada, that their Maman would be released from prison?

Why is the Archdiocese refusing to answer questions that concerned residents of Vancouver are asking about this man?

Why did the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation air a documentary about Lucien Larre shortly after he was charged and convicted in 1992 along with several of his adult victims?

Why did the same CBC broadcast on Radio One a program on October 19 called "In Your Ear" which declares that Lucien Larre is a "remarkable" man?

Why, since a letter was written to the Archdiocese of Vancouver expressing concern about Larre, are we told that the Crown prosecutor will no longer be calling Larre as an expert witness?

Did you know that an official complaint was made to the College of Psychogists of British Columbia by a mother whose children were removed from her care after Lucien Larre wrote a false report about her?

Did you know that as a result of that report that two children have had their mother ripped from their lives and been sexually assaulted?

Why does Scott Grant allow this man who has been prosecuted for crimes against children, unlimited access to his children?

How is Nathalie Gettliffe supposed to believe that her children are safe if her former husband allows a man convicted of assault against children near their own children?

How is Nathalie Gettliffe supposed to protect her children from any harm if she is forced to remain in prison?

How is the community supposed to protect these children if the Catholic Church and the College of Psychologists refuses to inform the public of Father/Dr. Lucien Larre's criminal background?

Would you allow this man near your children?

SASKATCHEWAN “SAINT” SENTENCED.Rev. Lucien Larre, 59, dubbed a saint for his work with troubled youth, was sentenced to one symbolic day in jail and a $2,500 fine for slapping and choking one youth and forcing another to take pills. He was acquitted on 9 other counts, including a charge of sexual assault. His jail sentence was waived.”Source: _Toronto Star_ 4/25/92.


Danial Knipfel said...

Ya i know him he beat for going under a stage at crist the king hall in Regina.Sask. he got me good that day i wont forget that day cause i was hurt.
deep in side i thought he was a good man till that day.
I cant rember what day it was it been so many years ago i know it was in the early 80s/ 84or 85.
crap he punched me and kicked me i rember falling down to the floor and crying i was around 14yr to 15 yr old.
My name is Danial Knipfel and thats my story of bosco homes that i hated.

Anonymous said...